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Not So good Review

Discussion in 'Linux General' started by Johnrobenski, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Johnrobenski

    Johnrobenski New Member

    While testing a Linux OS Kodachi I get a message on my screen that I have been banned by Kodachi off the network for downloading another Linux program for another one of my computers and for browsing anon. I read this and said do what ? Never heard of a developer banning someone for downloading another Linux OS and surfing the net anon my question is why you banning someone for surfing anon when that is the purpose of your software. I let them know that I would not recommend a stellar review do to that. Now as far as the OS itself I liked it but banning someone for using the OS for its intended purpose and for downloading another Linux OS to test on another computer is pretty sorry to say the least. So if anyone on here plan on using Kodachi be sure not to use the software for its intended purpose and heaven forbid you download any other programs while using it.
  2. Rob

    Rob Administrator Staff Member

    Strange - do they say anything about this in their TOS?

    Can you be more specific on what happened? I'm not sure I understand entirely what happened.
  3. Johnrobenski

    Johnrobenski New Member

  4. Johnrobenski

    Johnrobenski New Member

    They do mention mass downloading in TOS but I wasn't downloading mass I was just downloading Sub Graph to test on another computer . About half way through download a window popped up on my screen saying I have been banned from there network do to surfing anon and mass downloading now how can you mass download one program?. I also have only had it on my computer a couple days as well. They mention on website they need donations to stay afloat well running potential donors away is not a way to do it especially when you have a potential company that can help you keep alive along with publicity.
  5. Crippled

    Crippled New Member

    Thanks. It looks like I will add Kodachi right after Manjaro in my do not use list. I suggest you use MX-16 Linux.
  6. Johnrobenski

    Johnrobenski New Member

    Thanks will try that it's to bad that it ended up this way because overall not a bad OS but if you going to make it open source then that's what it needs to be. Don't ban someone and make stipulations on the use of the OS.This OS will suffer because of it not allowing people to truly see and test out the operating system makes it hindrance of creation of what could be a good OS
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  7. Crippled

    Crippled New Member

    I agree with you. The problem with Linux is that there are people and developers that have a nasty I don't care attitude and think it is great to impose their obnoxious ways onto others. In Kodachi's case it's restricting software and with Manjaro it's forcing the use of the terminal and refuses to correct issues which this goes against the Linux Philosophy which is choice. It's like they live in an other dimension. You will see it's a real pleasure working with the MX team.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017

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